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RN Health Help
Energy bodywork and health counseling.
Arrizza Performance Coaching
Dr. Nick Arrizza employs effective & scientifically researched energy healing approach. Ontario.
Flammehuset (House of Flame)
Educational program in telepathy. Distant healing for human beings and animals. Multilingual site. Spongdal, Norway.
Language of Light Healing
Transmissions of the Language of Light (in word and sound) for healing and transformation. Facilitated by Natheya.
Medical intuitive Dr. Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn offers personal and distance physical, mental and spiritual faith healing. Based in Miami Beach, Florida, and Stockholm, Sweden.
Aloha Inspirations
Peri Coeurtney Enkin teaches energetic medicine, life purpose and spiritual awakening. Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.
Alternative Cancer Treatment
A treatment center in Thailand specializing in the use of natural healing methods and herbs to treat cancer.
Ancient Healing
Zeffi Kefala, intuitive and healer, offers local and distant healing sessions, psychic readings, workshops, and spiritual counseling.
Association for Meridian and Energy Therapies
News, articles, energy psychology training and referrals.
Barbara Brennan School of Healing
Hands of Light Healing holistic health training. Barbara Brennan, founder. Boca Raton, Florida.
Bill Wigram
Spiritual healer and reflexologist also offering healer training. United States, Middle East, and Canada.
BioEnergy Fields Foundation
Non-profit organization created to research the complex and dynamic human bioenergy fields. Dr. Valerie Hunt, founder. Malibu, California.
BodyTalk - Evelyne Farner
Form of therapy that allows the body's energy systems to be re-synchronized.
Borderland Sciences Research Foundation (BSRF)
Offers information on radionics, ether, and subtle energy. Founded by Meade Layne. Eureka, California.
Center for Healing and Training
Sally Witt offers High Level Merkaba divine energy healing, training, and spiritual counseling by phone or email from Morrisville, Pennsylvania.
Earth Release
Diana Burney offers remote energy clearing for real estate properties and businesses, individuals and animals. Ashland, Oregon.
Energy-Field Therapy
Lorenzo Cree practices in-person and distant healing in Greensboro, North Carolina and India.
I Let Go Services
Sean Durkin offers spiritual and energy healing and training. Tours to John of God in Abadiania, Brazil and other healing journeys. Portland, Oregon, and Brazil.
Judy Mehr
Hands on and long distance energy healing using light and sound.
Merlin Trinity Healing System (MTHS)
Anup Karlsson offers ascension healing energy workshops channeled through the ancient wisdom of Merlin. Locations worldwide.
Personal Empowerment Through Hypnotherapy
Empowerment, self improvement, and healing through group workshops. Offers information and a list with dates and locations for 2002.
Personal Journeys Consulting
New Zealand courses and consultations in hypnotherapy and neuro linguistic programming.
Rainbow Aura Healing Arts
Online energy healing and art therapy. Articles, art gallery, chat room. Maintained by Leara A. Bores. Scottsdale, Arizona.
Robert Moonsong - Spiritual Psychic Energy Healing Medium
Provides remote healing readings worldwide by phone. DNA activation, EFT.
Straightup Aromatherapy
Offers education, a list of consultation services, FAQ section, and products. Based in Port Orange, Florida.
The Art of Healing
Seminars in Phoenix, Minnesota, Chicago with Mark Earlix, author of 'Creator'. Healing circles.
The Feel Good Metaphysical Place
Metaphysical classes, psychic readings, qigong healing, Chinese herbs. A.S.I.S.T. Hypnocoaching available in English and Russian. Daz? Lisenkoff, Ph.D., hypnotherapist and on-line counselor. Vladimir Lisenkoff, M.D., medical intuitive.
The Light of Life
Howard Y. Lee offers energy healing treatments and workshops. Santa Monica, California, and Bologna, Italy.
Universal Connections
GeoTran uses sacred geometry and numeric language to correct and heal mis-information in the energy field. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Warren Grossman
Classes offered to learn how to use nature's energy to heal. Beachwood, Ohio.

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