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Kahuna bodywork and movement workshops offered in Stockholm, Sweden. Multilingual site.
Hawaiian Huna Village
Aloha International site features the wisdom of Serge Kahili King. Books, tapes, seminars and workshops in Huna Healing, Huna Therapy, Hawaiian Massage. List of Huna teachers and therapists. Kilauea, Hawaii.
Huna Information Site
Describes basic huna principles and meditation techniques.
Offers training and resources in Huna, the ancient Hawaiian magical shamanic healing and spiritual practice. Based in Hawaii.
Kahuna Mist
Haku Gaylyn Aitken, teacher of Ka'alele au, directs the Kahuna Training Centre in Queensland, Australia.
Meditation Station
Meditation Society of America's web site. Dedicated to sharing meditation techniques and concepts from all traditions.
Open Human Potential
A holistic, alternative health method of chiropractic applied kinesiology and hypnosis bringing harmony and balance within body, mind and spirit.
Sarasota Medical Hypnosis Institute
Self-Hypnosis interactive audio programs for Mindbody Health and Performance. Ezines, conference center, library, Q&A areas, and daily motivation included on the site.
Self Identity Through Ho'oponopono
An ancient problem solving process updated by Kahuna Lapaau Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona corrects erroneous thoughts within one's Self that cause disease, death and dying. Classes worldwide.
Self Mastery: Bringing Solutions to Mind Through Hypnosis
Offers a list of goals that may be achieved, a description of what it is and FAQs.
Six Steps To Freedom
Self hypnosis and meditation can change your life. Learn to relax and heal with the help of Dr. Brian Alman's Six Steps to Freedom program.
Spinal Touch Treatment Seminars
Workshops on a soft tissue, non-force therapy designed to help correct of postural distortion and visceral positions.
Contact and general information for 'transformative massage', utilizing intuitive bodywork/energy work. Offers counseling, coaching, and developing wellness plans to prevent relapse of problems or issues.
Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy Center
Workshops in a therapeutic system designed to trigger the body's natural healing reflexes held in Vancouver, BC.
The Huna Self Help Shop
Serge Kahili King's online catalog. Books, tapes, videos and tools. Princeville, Hawaii.
The Petrie Method
Hypnosis to quit smoking, improve golf/tennis, self hypnosis, stress management, relaxation, overcome fears, control addictions, and weight loss. Private seminars, tapes.
The Trance Institute
Dennis Wier describes a new model for trance which includes meditation, hypnosis, addiction and charisma. Has implications for researchers in hypnosis and practitioners of meditation.
Information for therapists and practitioners, including marketing and general information. Julie Onofrio, LMP.
Trance Maker
Here you will find loads of information about Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming together with recommendations for books and training courses around the world.
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