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Mercury and Amalgams
A Health Cafe
Features information about environmental toxins and offers healthy alternatives. Includes fitness, environmental and nutritional programs for a natural solution.
Articles about Mantak Chia's Healing Tao system of qi gong. Maintained by Keith Franzen.
Au Naturelle
Shares a natural lifestyle forum offering safe, non-toxic lifestyle alternatives: safe household products, natural cosmetics, heart healthy vitamins, and diet supplements for resistance to toxic cancer-causing substances.
B Toxic Free
Presents lifestyle changes that can help reduce disease and illness by healthy eating habits and lowering the exposure to toxins.
Baking Soda Book
Offers a free to read book that details hundreds of useful uses for baking soda in and around homes.
Earth Dr
Ways to protect the home environment from entry of surface and subsurface contaminants. Transport and remediation of contaminants in the ground water and soil atmosphere are detailed.
Environmental Alternatives
Description of various environmentally sensitive options including chemical-free products, composting toilets, rainwater catchment, gray water treatment, fire combustors, and food supplements.
Great Uses for Vinegar
Provides a free to read online book outlining the versatility of vinegar.
Provides articles and information regarding body detoxification, colon cleansing, juicing, healing type of foods and natural self-care.
Health & Environment Resource Center
Information on the relationship between environment and human health.
Healthy People, Healthy Places
Provides environmental health counseling by Peggy Wolff an advanced practice Holistic and Registered Nurse.
HingePin Integrative Learning Materials
Books and continuing education courses on food and nutrition, ecology and environment, alternative medicine and holistic health.
Nancys Natural Cleaning
Offers non-toxic cleaning products, recipes, and tips.
Organic Style
Ezine with resources for living a balanced lifestyle with organic health, beauty, food, and garden features.
Sick House Survival Guide
Offers ideas on how to reduce indoor pollution in your home. Includes articles and resources for related reading.
Soleco Habitat Facility
Demonstrates construction methods that can minimize the depletion of the Earth's resources.
Sparrow Oilz Pvt., Ltd.
Eco-friendly agricultural and horticultural spray-oil, bio-degradable to help prevent insects, fungus and virus disease in plants.
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