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United States
Act Four
Personal growth workshops, retreats, and counselling. (ON based)
American Back Society
Professional society of chiropractors and other health professionals interested in back care.
Chiropractic Association of Ireland
Chiropractic information, contact and job information in Ireland.
Chiropractic Diplomatic Corps
A non-government information and patient advocate organization interested in the ethical development of services throughout the world. Includes a registry, forum, tips, links and contact details.
Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research
Independent body with chiropractic membership which funds education and research.
Institute For Chiropractic Ethics
Organization to promote ethical conduct in the chiropractic profession.
International Academy of Olympic Chiropractic Officers
An international, non-profit honorary society for those Doctors of Chiropractic around the globe, who have served the Olympic Movement as Official Team Doctors.
International Chiropractic Pediatric Association
An organization dedicated to training, education and research in chiropractic peditrics.
International Chiropractors Association
It is the oldest national chiropractic organization in the world, established in 1926 by B.J. Palmer. Information about the organization, member services, legislative affairs and chiropractic quick facts.
National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association
Information, resources, and articles for patients and professionals.
Student Canadian Chiropractic Association (SCCA)
The association acts as a liaison between the Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA) and Canadian chiropractic students studying in Canada, and all over the world.(Toronto, ON Canada)
World Chiropractic Alliance
An international organization promoting drug-free, subluxation-based chiropractic. Information and news for D.C.s, consumers, other practitioners. (Chandler, AZ)
World Federation of Chiropractic
The voting members of the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) are national associations of chiropractors in over 60 countries. The WFC represents them and the chiropractic profession in the international community. (Toronto, ON, Canada)
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