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Home : Conditions and Diseases : Cancer : Colorectal Cancer
ALtruis Biomedical Network: Colon Cancer
Addresses risk factors, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.
Bowel Cancer Screening: Priory Hospital
Information on colon cancer and screening in the Midlands, UK. Includes a FAQ, links, and an interview with a surgeon specialist.
General information on colorectal cancer with emphasis on a monoclonal antibody diagnostic test.
Colon Cancer Alliance
Non-profit offers support and information aimed at increased education, research and awareness. Located in New York City.
Colon Cancer Canada
Aims to encourage awareness, support and increased education about the condition.
Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada
Non-profit dedicated to promoting awareness, offering education and advocating for a screening policy. Provides links to related articles.
Colorectal Cancer Coalition
C3 is an organization, located in Washington D.C. and with national scope, whose aims include advocacy in research, policy and awareness.
Colorectal Cancer Screening Initiative Foundation
Non-profit charity aimed at increasing awareness and encouraging screening. Located in Toronto, Ontario.
Colorectal Cancer Week
News and information about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Small subscription charge.
Colossal Colon
Oversized crawl-through model of a colon which was created by a cancer survivor and is available for demonstrations.
Lori Shelton Alliance for Colon Cancer Awareness
Non-profit aims to increase knowledge of the disease and to encourage colonoscopy as a detection tool. Located in St. Louis, Missouri.
National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance
Non-profit provides increased awareness and raises funds for increased research. Located in Studio City, California.
One Life
Memorial to Rosie who died of colon cancer February 8, 2003.
Our Cancer Story
Personal story of Rodney and Mary Haik's battle with a colon tumor.
Prevent-Cancer: Colon Cancer Risks
Shows the risk of personal disease based on quiz answers, and finds local specialists and testing centers based on a zip-code look-up.
Stop Colon and Rectal Cancer Foundation
Non-profit offers advocacy, support and information. Located in Chicago, Illinois.
Tackle Colon Cancer
Details the partnership of corporate and public service entities to highlight risk factors and symptoms of disease.
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