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After Shingles
Resources and support for people suffering from shingles or postherpetic neuralgia (the pain after shingles) and their caregivers.
Cervical Cancer UK
Describes the signs, symptoms, stages and treatment of this disease.
Conversations: The International Ovarian Cancer Connection
Support, information and a newsletter.
Rosemary Appleton's report on experiencing an attack of Shingles (the chicken pox herpes zoster virus).
Eyes on the Prize
Support community for living with gynecologic cancer.
Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance
Presents information about the condition and about the activities of this non-profit organization.
My Life Changed After Ovarian Cancer
Blog by a woman with advanced disease.
National Cervical Cancer Coalition
Information about the organization as well as on the Pap smear, HPV, treatment and emotional support.
National Cervical Cancer Public Education Campaign
Educates women about the link between the HPV and this disease. Includes FAQs, campaign information and press releases.
National Ovarian Cancer Association
Organization dedicated to fighting the condition. Located in Toronto, Canada.
National Ovarian Cancer Network
Non-profit organization involved with advocacy, awareness, support and information provision. Located in Victoria, Australia.
Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Nevada
Non-profit organization provides support and information.
Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Oregon and Southwest Washington
Non-profit aims at promoting education, support, networking and advocacy. Located in Vancouver, Washington.
Ovarian Cancer Canada
Non-profit aims include support, awareness, education and fundraising for research. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Ovarian Cancer National Alliance
Coalition of groups to a common purpose. Located in Washington, DC.
Ovarian Cancer Program
Project of the Australian National Breast Cancer Centre located in New South Wales.
Research for Ovarian Cancer and Continued Survival
Non-profit awareness organization and online discussion community. Headquartered in Gulfport, Mississippi.
South Carolina Ovarian Cancer Foundation
Non-profit offers general information, support and a forum. Located in Greenville, South Carolina.
The Lynne Cohen Foundation for Ovarian Cancer Research
Non-profit foundation that raises funds for cutting-edge medical research in the women's healthcare field.
The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund
Charitable organization aimed at research and awareness. Includes educational materials, a hotline and fundraising products.
UK site provides information on uterine cancers and includes links, charities, academic organizations and medical institutions.
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