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About Getting Rid of Menstrual Cramps
Elizabeth Smith, MD tells about John Lee, MD's experience of using Natural Progesterone to get rid of menstrual cramping. The cause of menstrual cramps is also presented.
Bright Solutions for Dyslexia
Includes description, definitions, symptoms, persistent myths, positive aspects, career matching, self-esteem building, types of testing and assessment, teaching methods, statistics, and current research results.
Dyslexia My Life
A personal experience of being dyslexic. Information on dyslexia and promotion of the book 'Dyslexia my life'.
SOSA: Survivors of Spiritual Abuse
Spiritual Abuse Survivors, poems, art, prose, support network; there is an emphasis on people with DID who are survivors of spiritual abuse.
The Dyscalculia Forum
Message board for people who have a specific learning disability in mathematics. Provides symptoms, facts, articles, and links about the problem.
The Dyslexia Research Trust
A charity established to support research into the nature and causes of developmental dyslexia and to help children with visually impaired dyslexic problems. Research includes visual adaptations, genetics, brain imaging, and the potential role of nutrition and fatty acids treatment.
The International Society for the Study of Dissociation
Designed for mental health professionals, this organization is devoted to research, training, and treatment of dissociative disorders.
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