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Anorexia Bulimia
Articles Organizations
Binge Pica
After the Diet Online
Resources on nutrition and stress-related problems, including: eating disorders, weight management, PCOS, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, postpartum depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder.
Anorexia and Bulimia Care (ABC)
UK-based organization for eating disorder sufferers, their families and carers. Provides basic information and advice.
KidSource Online: Childhood Obesity
An article that helps to determine obesity in children. Also describes causes as well as possible treatments and prevention.
Lose Weight Gain Health
From Roche Pharmaceutical, provides practical advice on healthy eating, diet, obesity and losing weight.
Mesotherapy Associates of New York and New Jersey
Doctor Marion Shapiro's website provides information about mesotherapy, a safe alternative cosmetic surgery or liposuction. Includes a mesotherapy FAQ, before and after gallery, and online appointment scheduler.
Metabolic Medical Center
Nutrition, Exercise, and Weight loss with a comprehensive medical approach for the problems associated with obesity.
Michael D. Myers M.D. Inc.
General background information on obesity. Includes the prevalence, a definition, causes, medical complications and treatments.
Midwest Center for Weight Control
Offers details about their programs and information about their team. Located in Minnesota, United States.
NAASO: The North American Association for the Study of Obesity
An interdisciplinary society whose purpose is to develop, extend and disseminate knowledge in the field of obesity.
National Obesity Forum
Healthcare professionals who take an interest in the treatment and management of obesity.
Treat your obesity disease with free weight loss tips, diets and nutrition advice. Ask Dr. Goldberg and health forum.
Obesity Action Coalition
Education, advocacy and support.
Obesity Canada Care
Promote the health and quality of life through service, education, research, prevention and advocacy.
Obesity Factor
News covering the epidemic, weight loss, and nutrition. Includes linked articles, article summaries, and resources.
Obesity Focused
Obesity statistics along with issues such as obesity treatment, fad diets and medications.
Obesity In America
The Endocrine Society and The Hormone Foundation,have developed a handbook with information about obesity?s causes, impact, and research into how to reduce it.
Obesity Support
Non judgemental UK based support site set up for overweight people, their friends and families. Includes nutritional advice, exercise, diets, and medical issues.
Obesity Week
News and comprehensive information about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of obesity.
Obesity: Is it an Eating Disorder?
FAQ provided by the Anorexia Nervosa and Related Eating Disorders, Inc. answers questions about definitions of obesity, health risks, weight-loss pills, and what can be done.
Obetech, LLC
A common human virus and specific antibodies to help them fight off the infection.
Overweight Teen
Diet resources, weight loss tips, and information on the psychological impact of obesity on teens and what parents can do to help them.
Pediatric Obesity--Helping Parents Raise Healthy Children
Free site featuring the Traffic Light Diet, links to Dr. John La Puma's recipes and resources, and current medical research on treating and preventing pediatric obesity.
Information about the disease the government and doctors refuse to acknowledge.
The Hormone Foundation
Patient information on obesity including an overview, symptoms, treatment options, lifestyle issues and prevention; as well as other obesity-related resources.
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