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Home : Mental Health : Mental Disorders : Schizophrenia
Articles and Research Schizoid Personality
Personal Pages Support Groups
Information about Schizophrenia.
Information on support groups, facts, medication and causes of schizophrenia.
Gloucestershire Hearing Voices Groups
Information for professionals working with people with psychosis.
In Practice
A schizophrenia resource tool for the media, clinicians and health professionals. It features audiopresentations of symposia from major international psychiatry conferences as well as abstracts, press releases and fact sheets. Sponsored by the makers of Seroquel, AstraZeneca.
A portal for knowledge and understanding of schizophrenia.
Inside Schizophrenia
Information about schizophrenia, its causes, and methods of treatment.
National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression
National organization that raises and distributes funds to find the causes, cures, better treatments, and prevention of severe brain disorders. Provides instructions and contact information for submitting grant proposals.
Phoenix of Santa Barbara, Inc.
Located Santa Barbara, CA, Phoenix House is a residential program for individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia. Site contains information on schizophrenia and related mental illnesses.
Psychosis: Mental Automatism, Clerambault
Historical review on psychosis since the nineteenth century, descriptive catalogue of psychotic symptoms, and the theory of Mental Automatism.
Schizophrenia Fellowship of New South Wales
Information on schizophrenia. Articles, counseling services, and a free mailing list.
Schizophrenia Help
Information on schizophrenia and therapy approaches for patients, family members, and caregivers - newsletters, articles, recommended reading, and resources.
Provides patients, family members, and caregivers with information on a variety of important mental health topics including schizophrenia and other common mental illnesses.
Successful Schizophrenia
Alternative views on schizophrenia and psychiatry.
The Center for Reintegration
An online resource dedicated to assisting those with schizophrenia and related disorders in their efforts to return to a meaningful life that includes family and friends, independent living and competitive employment.
The Schizophrenia Society of Ontario
Providing education and information on this disease.
The ZGP National Clozapine Registry
Clozapine is indicated for the treatment of severe schizophrenia in patients who fail standard therapy. This program is the national generic clozapine registry for monitoring patients who are receiving ZGP clozapine.
Understanding Schizophrenia
Offers details on schizophrenia, its symptoms and treatment through atypical antipsychotic medication.
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