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Alaska Emergency Contraception Project
Current information on emergency contraception, including how it works, how it is administered, why it is important, and where to obtain it in Alaska.
Back Up Your Birth Control
Promotional information about options for preventing unintended pregnancy with emergency contraception medications available in the U.S. Recommends keeping EC in your medicine cabinet, just in case.
An explanation of the differences in names and availability of birth control pills between Canada and the United States.
Consortium for Emergency Contraception
International consortium promoting availability of emergency contraception. Includes comparison chart on pill formulations and other health education and information materials for use in implementing new EC programs, particularly in developing countries.
Dial EC: Prescriptions for Emergency Contraception
Provides confidential access to emergency contraception for women in North Carolina, including prescriptions over the telephone. Site includes a FAQ.
Emergency Contraception in Australia
Pharmaceutical manufacturer's educational site about pharmacist provision of the levonorgestrel-only emergency contraceptive pill, Postinor-2.
Find everything you need to know about NuvaRing birth control and the benefits of vaginal administration.
Ortho Evra
Manufacturer's information about the first contraceptive patch approved for use in the United States.
Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo
A new birth control pill and an effective method of oral contraception and pregnancy prevention containing lower estrogen that improves cycle control with a favorable side effect profile.
Official web site for Seasonale, the first FDA-approved extended cycle birth control pill that offers just 4 periods a year.
The Emergency Birth Control Organization
Comprehensive information about the 'morning after pill' and emergency contraception, presented in a way that is easy to understand.
The Emergency Contraception Pharmacy Program
Extensive consumer information about emergency contraception (the morning after pill) and listing of pharmacies in California where women can get EC without a prescription from a doctor.
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