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101 Reasons Not to Get Your Tubes Tied
Explanation of emotional and physical side effects.
Coalition for Post Tubal Women
Information about possible adverse effects of tubal ligation, sponsored by a doctor who offers treatment.
Devices permanently implanted in the fallopian tubes to prevent pregnancy.
Information, advice and guidance about female sterilization using tubal ligation. [Flash video]
My Vasectomy
A personal description in word and pictures about a vasectomy. Not for the squeamish.
No Scalpel Vasectomy
Photos (not for the squeamish), personal experiences and procedure instructions.
Post Vasectomy Pain
Briefly address the possible causes of severe pain after a vasectomy and the reasons for and against some of the more common treatment options.
Quinacrine Sterilization
Non-surgical birth control for women.
Information about an alternative to vasectomy.
Vasectomy FAQ
Comprehensive FAQ from
Vasectomy Information
Links to published medical information on vasectomy, including photographs and videos. FAQ, men's personal experiences and peer support via newsgroup. Includes a humor section. Accompanies the newsgroup
Information about vasectomy and vasectomy reversal.
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