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Academy of Anti-Aging Research
Nonprofit society of health care professionals dedicated to the advancement of anti-aging medicine. Publisher of the Journal of Anti-Aging Research.
American Neuroendocrine Society
Professional society for neuroendocrinologists, including endocrinologists who specialize in anti-aging medicines.
American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Professional organization for plastic surgeons, including the practice of cosmetic surgery and anti-aging medicine.
Life Extension Foundation
Organization dedicated to scientific methods to slow and reverse aging.
Longevity Meme
Nonprofit longevity organization that promotes and publicizes achievable anti-aging technologies.
Wellness Council of West Virginia
Engaged in promotion of workplace health. News and other information about the organization and its activities.
Wellness Councils of America
A North America resource for worksite wellness. The Councils are dedicated to building world-class corporate and hospital wellness programs.
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